Across the pacific

Neither of us have traveled more than a few weeks before, so saying our home and families goodbye for a year was always going to be an interesting experience. After all the adventures between India and Papua New Guinea we were starting to feel a bit worn out. Luckily next on our list was crossing the Pacific. The Pacific is all islands for obvious reasons, and provided the perfect opportunity to recharge ahead of South America. Our time on PNG’s island of East New Britain, Tahiti and Easter Island involved a lot of sleep, marginally less food and beer and not a lot of activities. A picture is a thousand words, so please see below for details.


  1. It’s called a cassowary. Beautiful coloured bird
  2. We were in the water with the dolphins, I could hear their talking. We were the only two tourists in the water.
  3. The volcano Tarvurvur erupted last in 2014. It’s pretty obvious where the lava went.
  4. The croc is a saltwater croc from the Sepik river called Agro. It’s about 7m long.
  5. The Moai (Easter Island statues) are pretty much everywhere on the island, though only a few survived the civil war in one piece.
  6. The Polynesians may be the most beautiful people on the planet. Google Rapa Nui dance for more information on their dances.
  7. The beer scene in Tahiti and Easter Island / Chile is well developed. You do not need to worry, any wedding gifts in this area are being spent well.
  8. No I did not do any kitesurfing due to a lack of instructors. The wind and view was incredible though!
  9. The dance group was welcoming a group from the Marquesas, a remote group of islands part of French Polynesia.
  10. We technically entered the European union, as French Polynesia seemingly has adopted the same immigration policies as France.

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