I – All quiet on the Eastern front

Hi all! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything, and the blame for that rests fully on Thailand’s shoulders. Life here offers too many distractions, and with life going on 24/7 there was surprisingly little time to write.

What’s also surprising is how Western Thailand is in many ways. So much so in fact that I sometimes felt it was too easy, too much like home. It also meant that, compared to India and Nepal our time here was quite uneventful. Anyway, we definitely have not been sitting still for a month regaining the kilos we’ve lost after Nepal, but rather explored the widest possible range of things Thailand has to offer (well, perhaps not the full range but we definitely saw a lot!).

We didn’t really formulate beforehand what exactly we would be doing in Thailand, but the most important goal was to endulge a little after Nepal. We therefore started with a luxurious stay in a 70 story hotel in central Bangkok. What can I say, the view from the infinity pool was great, dinners and cocktails delicious, breakfast enormous (Dan – you would have loved it!), and the bed! Oh so soft. We slept pretty much right up to our checkout time.

We only stayed for one night, but we could have stayed for weeks. It would have blown our Thailand budget though, so the next morning we went on to another hotel nearer the touristic area of central Bangkok.

CHERN hostel has a number of double rooms, one of which was our home for the next few days. Our stay was relatively uneventful, yet busy. We cycled and water taxied around Bangkok’s Chinatown and rural suburbs (thanks Ko van Kessel tours), explored land-based and floating food markets, temples, the King’s Grand Palace, infamous Khao San Road, a craft beer pubcrawl and restaurants. A special thank you is in place here for those of you who attended our wedding: every sig of beer or bite of food was made possible by you! So from both of us: THANK YOU!

For the beer lovers amongst you: we’ve had 22 unique beers so far, including Sherpa Craft beer, Himalayan red, Chiang Mai Hefeweizen and Colonial Toit. There beer selection is near endless, although I do feel there is a lot of cheating going on. For example, many of the Thai craft beers are actually made in New Zealand under commission for a Thai brewery. Not sure if that counts in my book but it’s the best there seems to be had…

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