The final day

The experiences of the past week give the suggestion that we’re already on the road. I mean, we’ve met lots of people for food and drinks, we stayed out later than usual and live with fewer and fewer possessions. @_fran_on_tour has documented this on Instagram, so do head over there for an impression!

It has been equal parts exciting and uncomfortable, especially moving out the flat I found quite stressful. The discomfort is of course due to the stress of combining an international move with moving some things to local storage solutions (many thanks Anna and Alex!), selling items second hand (which comes with its own challenges) and preparing for the year ahead. Together we managed to get it all done in time, so all in all I think we came through this quite comfortably, which bodes well in my view for our travels.

Funny enough the last two nights have been polar opposites: where the last night in the flat was damp and freezing cold the hotel was incredibly warm. I barely slept either night, but I guess the hot hotel room is going to be good exercise for India. Now we’re about to head to the airport, drop off luggage and prepare for the 9hr flight to Goa. Speak soon!

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