8 month anniversary

Today is the 8 month anniversary of our year long honeymoon. We’ve now traveled 65000 kilometers by plane, train, bus and boat, and it is still incredible to have the freedom to do experience all these different cultures and activities. Just as I tried four months ago I tried to pick my top 10 photos but I never believed I would be able to do … Continue reading 8 month anniversary

Espiche, Espiche, Espiche piche piche

The countdown is in full swing. “Diez, Nueve, Ocho”. The crowd screams out the last numbers with the presenters, begging for that for which they came to happen. “Siete, Seis, Cinco, Cuatro”. The espichadores follow the rhythm of the countdown with their hammers. Every blow hits the little nail on the head and drives it deeper into the wood. People push to the stage to … Continue reading Espiche, Espiche, Espiche piche piche

Across the pacific

Neither of us have traveled more than a few weeks before, so saying our home and families goodbye for a year was always going to be an interesting experience. After all the adventures between India and Papua New Guinea we were starting to feel a bit worn out. Luckily next on our list was crossing the Pacific. The Pacific is all islands for obvious reasons, … Continue reading Across the pacific

The power of the singsing

After dinner the one of the other couple, Aaron, returns from his sigaret. He sighs, sits down, and looks at his wife and us. “I’m getting a bit tired with Pym’s changes to our itinerary. Now he wants us to do our cultural day tomorrow, even though we are supposed to do more birding. I’m getting annoyed with his constant changing, that’s not what we … Continue reading The power of the singsing

A little piece of paradise

Indonesia was amazing (fran’s insta will have shown that in some detail) with incredible wildlife such as Komodo dragons and orangutans, diving, kite surfing, beaches and boat rides. Yet for all the awesomeness we were not sad to be leave the country. On the first day of our sixth month of travel we left Bali with Air Niugini. Destination: Port Moresby, the capital of Papua … Continue reading A little piece of paradise

4 months and 5 countries later

Yesterday was 28 July, which marks both our 9 month wedding anniversary and the end of our 4th month travelling. So far we’ve covered 5 countries and about 21,000km by train, bus, motorbike, bicycle, boat and plane. It’s impossible to convey all the experiences we’ve had, from the thunderous roar of a helicopter landing to the quiet peacefulness of a summit in the Himalayas and … Continue reading 4 months and 5 countries later